Juniper Netscreen PSK Decrypt Page

Purpose: Juniper Netscreen firewalls are end of life and nearing end of support so you may want to move onto another firewall before too long. If you are using AutoKey IKE Preshared Keys for either Dialup VPN or Site-to-Site VPN you may not be sure what the actual preshared key is if you don't have a good record of it. Juniper won't tell you but we will. Works every time. Hashed up values are always 36, 56 or 76 characters long. If anything else is entered it won't work. We only display the first 10 characters of the preshared key. Contact us to retrieve any preshared keys over 10 characters or if you would like to have the tools to do your own PSK recovery.

The Hash value:

The decrypted value: